About Us

About Us

Betsy Ross, formed in 1969, is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. We are the nation's leader in commercial flags and flagpoles, installation and service for all 50 states. Betsy Ross serves hundreds of military, federal, state and local governments with our flag and flagpole products and services. Call us at 1-800-238-7976 for all your flag requirements!

A flag is more than just a piece of brightly colored cloth fluttering in the breeze. It is a symbol that represents a cause, an idea, or a purpose. Every country in the world and every state in our nation have a flag. It is a symbol that can stir people to joy, sadness, courage and sacrifice.

Our flag, Old Glory, is displayed every day across this land from federal and state buildings, businesses, churches, and schools. We display the flag to show support and respect, to honor a fallen soldier or the loss of a dignitary, or to remember the ultimate sacrifices made by those who serve our country.

Using the finest materials and workmanship, Betsy Ross Flag Girl provides products that have earned the right to be recognized as the standard of excellence in the reproduction and display of our nation's flag.

Betsy Ross provides an extensive line of flags:

  • Westwind XL: the premier flag of man-made fibers with brighter, long-life colors, making this fine flag the best value we offer.
  • Westwind Polyester: a heavy polyester material recommended for larger size flags, providing superior wear in high winds.
  • Nylon: combining rugged strength and extreme lightness to fly in the gentlest breeze or withstand strong winds and the long hot summer sun.
  • Cotton: embroidered stars and sewn stripes meet or exceed U.S. Government specifications.
  • Promotional: small sizes are dye-print nylon; larger sizes are poly-print.
  • Flag Sets: the finest quality nylon, with embroidered stars and gold fringe.
  • Miniature: 4" x 6" replicas are made of rayon and come with or without a base.

All flags are lock-stitched with duck heading and brass grommets.

Display your pride in our nation's heritage with the rich colors of elegant flags in your home, building, school, or church.