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Betsy Ross

What’s the best way to display your flag? Betsy Ross has the perfect solution! Betsy Ross provides all the flag accessories and hardware needed for the complete installation of any flag, banner, flyer or pennant display, keeping them flying for years to come.

Popular with businesses with high visibility, Betsy Ross provides Banner Pole Kits with 360° rotating hardware which weathervanes so your flag always reads right. Desirable for many outdoor applications, there is a Non-Tangle Flag Kit with a 6’ Fiberglass Pole and 360° Rotating Adjustable Pole Collars. For your home, we have the Never-Tangle Home Flag Kit, a 6’ jointed metal pole with plastic eagle bracket and rope. Another sure attention-getter is the Streamer Flyer Kit, a graceful and eye-catching kit with an adjustable fiberglass pole with 360° rotating harness assembly and ground setting tube and cap.

Betsy Ross provides all the hardware needed for complete installation of any flag, banner, flyer or pennant display, including cleats to tie ropes down and prevent them from flying in the wind, and durable aluminum tracks for ease in raising and lowering your flag for years to come!

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Name SKU Price Thumbnail Image Description Update
1" brass snaphooks BR531 $3.90 1" brass snaphooks
1" covered brass snaphooks BR530 $8.50 1" covered brass snaphooks
1/4" nylon rope BR534 $0.30 1/4" nylon rope
1/4" wire center rope BR535 $0.55 1/4" wire center rope
1/8" steel aircraft cable BR537 $1.55 1/8" steel aircraft cable
10" anodized eagle BR520 $94.00 10" anodized eagle for 25-30' flagpole
10" gold flagpole ball BR516 $109.00 10" gold flagpole ball
10" silver flagpole ball BR517 $109.00 10" silver flagpole ball
12" gold flagpole ball BR518 $130.00 12" gold flagpole ball
12" silver flagpole ball BR519 $130.00 12" silver flagpole ball
15" anodized eagle BR521 $145.00 15" anodized eagle for 35-50' flagpole
3" gold flag pole ball BR506 $23.00 3" gold flagpole ball
3" silver flagpole ball BR507 $23.00 3" silver flagpole ball
3"x3 3/4" US flag decals BR931 $1.60 3"x3 3/4" US Flag Decals (minimum order per 100 pcs)
3/4" brass snaphooks BR532 $3.30 3/4" brass snaphooks
3/4" nylon snaphooks BR533 $1.10 3/4" nylon snsphooks
3/8"-5/8" steel BR541 $3.50 3/8"-5/8" steel bracket, black enamel finish
4" gold flagpole ball BR508 $39.00 4" gold flagpole ball
4" silver flagpole ball BR509 $39.00 4" silver flagpole ball
5" gold flagpole ball BR510 $39.00 5" gold flagpole ball

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Results 1 - 20 of 48